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Hand-beaded Bamboo Basket

These stunning bamboo baskets are both handwoven & hand-beaded. The level of skill and craftsmanship that goes into making these beauties is truly seen and felt--thousands of intricately-patterned beads adorn these sturdy and well-structured baskets.

They serve as decorative accents and functional storage bins. They look great on bookshelves, in a home office, bedroom, or nursery.

Size/ Measurements:

Small: 5" x 5"

Medium: 6" x 6"

Large: 7" x 7"

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This basket pairs well together as a set — in a triad with various sizes. Use it as a decorative piece on the back of a toilet in a bathroom or use it to store small things like jewelry and make up wipes. Because of the beads, this item adds softness and texture to anywhere that feels cold or harsh.