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Joyful Spaces

Transforming homes with contemporary and modern interior design in Asheville, North Carolina.

Our Approach

Balanced Spaces

We believe that an intentional home is at the heart of a more joyful life. That the most nourishing moments of the day happen in our communal spaces. We resist that idea that your home needs to be overwhelmed with “things” to capture your unique story and instead lean on the idea that fewer, but more meaningful pieces layered together can capture your essence in a more enduring way. We believe that in order to live your most aligned and inspired life, intentional well-being should be woven into the fabric of your everyday surroundings through the creation of sacred, joyful spaces.

Creating Spaces that are thoughtfully curated, energetically infused, and designed with emotional wellness & functionality in mind


Being considerate and personal is at the core of every interior design project we do at Abode. As a client, Kelly will get to know you personally, as if you’re a longtime friend - developing a trusting relationship and diving deep to understand your unique vision for your home.

Artful Eye

With years of experience in the building industry and interior design, Kelly brings knowledge and a keen design eye to each and every project. Her transformative vision and expertise come into play as she turns your home into a thoughtfully curated oasis with modern design touches.

Holistic Approach

Transforming a home into a nourishing space begins with self-care at the start. Kelly uses a turnkey approach to eliminate stress and put your mind at ease. She takes care of the interior design process down to every last detail until the completed project is delivered.

Residential Interior Design

Our Services

We specialize in full-home interior design, working in both renovation and new-build settings. Our experience is totally turn-key, obsessively detailed, in rooted in wellness-forward design — creating environments that are a joy to live in and retreats from the modern world.

kelly McCullough

Meet Our Founder

Kelly’s love for interior design and the building industry began early on, from redecorating her childhood bedroom to exploring the job sites of her parents’ construction firm.

Her passion for design inspired her to pursue a Bachelor degree in Art from Auburn University. From there, she combined her love for art and construction background to launch her career.

During her years working for commercial construction firms, small business owners often asked for her design help, drawn by her artistic background and creative eye.

A true entrepreneur at heart, Kelly founded and operated Bliss Farm and Retreat before transforming it into an interior design firm which evolved into where we are now: Abode.

When not working with clients, Kelly spends her time writing, leading women’s circles, traveling the world, and embracing her newest role: mother.

A New Standard of Homes

Introducing Abode Homes — our branded, turn-key homes available for sale and for rent. Discover Conscious Homes for Joyful Well-Being.

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Schedule an appointment at our design center to learn more about our services. Need help or guidance on a selection? Want a designer's opinion?  Schedule your 30 minute free consultation with one of our designers. 

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