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A table in the Asheville store of Abode Modern Home styled with various globally sourced goods including an orchid, black and white decorative beads, palm lead chargers, bowls, and statues from Indonesia


Abode is a lifestyle, a way of being, a way of living.


We're constantly on the hunt for the best quality and most ethically-made pieces from all over the world.


Introducing thoughtful pieces into the home has the power to enhance a space: giving it an injection of energy and character that can touch all spheres of your life.


We wholeheartedly believe that a curious and open-minded view of the world, its people and their cultures is essential.


Abode Modern Home features modern art and products that celebrate culture and cultivate nurturing spaces.

We are a lifestyle brand — a one stop shop to infuse your home with energy and purpose, inspired by the beauty of the world.

Step into our store in downtown Asheville, NC, or shop online to browse accessible, locally and globally sourced art. Through our products, we take you on a trip around the globe where each piece tells a unique story of the people and places behind it.


Kelly’s love for interior design and the building industry began early on, from redecorating her childhood bedroom to exploring the job sites of her parents’ construction firm.

Her passion for design inspired her to pursue a Bachelor degree in Art from Auburn University. From there, she combined her love for art and construction background to launch her career.

During her years working for commercial construction firms, small business owners often asked for her design help, drawn by her artistic background and creative eye.

Through experience, and running her own business — Bliss Farm and Retreat — Kelly witnessed the importance of interior design in people’s lives. At the retreat center, participants frequently came to her for help with their own homes — sparking her next business venture.

In 2018, she opened Bliss Design and Interiors — to bring art and beauty into people’s homes. For Kelly, home is a sanctuary. She transforms each and every home into a space that feels like an oasis.

In 2021, Bliss Design and Interiors evolved into a new project, Abode Modern Home. Kelly saw a need for a decor retail store in Asheville and established Abode Modern Home; from a desire to create something new, fresh, and authentically her own. Her next step forward in the process combined forces of design, remodeling, and retail.

Abode Modern Home is about creating a lifestyle. It’s a way of being and living with positive intention, nurturing space, and cultivating a higher self.

When not working for Abode, Kelly spends her time writing, leading women’s circles, and traveling the world.